6 teams now registered

6 teams now registered as 2 ladies teams sign up from Avoca as we move ahead towards game week 3. However, if your name is Richard Couse, then you’ll be a very happy man indeed as he leads the way in both scoring, assists and the fantasy table! Sign up if you’d like to be involved – it’s not too late…

19/20 Fixtures

Over the next few weeks, fixtures will be added for the forthcoming season. At present, Men’s and Ladies’ Division 1 fixtures have been added. In the course of these few weeks, it will be necessary to tweak a few bits here and there; so bear with me…

EYHL Teams added

I have added both men’s and ladies’ teams from EYHL and over the next few weeks I will be doing final checks and slowly getting ready for the 2019/20 season!

Kilkenny Ladies

Division 4 champions and potentially Division 13 champions but one more game to play… watch out for these teams next season!!

Ladies Division 1

An exciting few days coming up as we wrap up the Ladies Division 1. Monkstown and Trinity play off on Saturday but first Monkstown are away to Avoca tonight!

Leinster Men

All Leinster’s Men’s Divisions have now been added. We’ll tackle the ladies next week…

What’s Involved?

OK, if you want to get your team added – you’ll need to contact me via Facebook, Twitter or email (info@alwynrobinson.com) to get your team added. From there, following your match, I just need a copy of your Leinster Match Card along with any assists, green cards and your Man of the Match! Simple.